Turning Facebook Fans into Customers

facebook fans into customers





The social media giant, Facebook, can help your business generate leads and turn them into customers. It is one of the most cost effect tools for inbound marketing, especially for small business owners. Creating a profile and posting updates just isn’t enough to turn fans into paying clients.  Facebook’s ability to create effective landing pages, analytics, and target marketing is a great indicator of where to improve your marketing and raise your conversion rate.


Building a fan base is the first step in employing social media as a driving force for your business. Your soon to be followers have to be aware of you before they can start engaging with you. The best way to build a good fan base is by connecting with people that are related to your specific industry. If they are not, they will not be very likely to engage with your page. It may be beneficial to add your Facebook page to postcards, emails, or newsletters with a message for the recipients to like it. Use your existing fan base by integrating comments and publishing them to your wall so they show up on your newsfeed. This will ensure that posts from your fans will be seen by their friends who haven’t liked you yet.


Once you have you fan base built, you must get their attention so you can generate more traffic. Most of your Facebook fans are not currently buyers or sellers with intent, so we have to maintain their attention in order to become their trusted source in the future. Facebook is now giving an increased weight to video on their site. This places a larger importance on tying your page to YouTube and Google+. Then, you win all the way around! Especially if you are effortlessly hooked together, like me. Contest and events have also been proven to make consumers more enticed.


Now that we have a database of potential consumers, it is time start prospecting and convert those fans into potential clients. If you have already established an opt-in or personal connection, then this part is easy. You can simply start messaging or communicating with them! If you have not, you may want to consider an opt-in page or contest to acquire direct contact with your fans. Continue posting relevant content and begin encouraging feedback so that it can become a two way connection.


The more communication you foster between yourself and your fans, the easier this will become. Client testimonials, post of praise, and other content that supports their decision to choose you will seal the deal even quicker. Continuing to grow your fan base is also somewhat correlated with greater conversion rate. Subtly announcing transactions and tagging clients with their permission also helps to tip the scales in your favor. It is especially invaluable when the client interacts with you on the post!


It is simply to attain recurring business from the clients we have now found via Facebook. Through increased fan activity, we can acquire the attention of our fans’ friends and make them possible referrals in the future. By keeping in touch with your fans through the techniques mentioned above, you can get a referral from their network who they may have never met!

Facebook offers many tools that fit in these parts of the sales cycle, including paid ads and one of their new methods, Facebook Paper. As a result, it is wise to take advantage of this social media platform’s popularity to get generate more clients. Maintaining a strong presence through continuous interaction, as well as improving your page with metrics analysis, will help you turn those fans into clients without breaking a sweat.

Crafting an Acceptable Offer


An agent was presenting a contract to a single, senior woman who was moving into a retirement home.  It was a full price offer with reasonable terms and timelines but the seller wouldn’t accept it.  When the agent probed deeper, she discovered that the seller was concerned with her dining room table.

It had been the first piece of nice furniture that she and her husband had purchased and they had literally spent a lifetime celebrating and making decisions at that table.  It troubled the owner to think that the table would go to strangers who might not appreciate it as much as her family had.

The agent told the elderly seller that she knew of a church nearby that had a community room filled with lovely tables like hers.  If she liked the idea, the agent would call the church to see if they’d like to have it.  Once a new home for the table was found, the sale of the home went smoothly.

Lower inventory and increased demand in certain price ranges have increased the frequency of multiple offers on the same home.  Sellers are frequently faced with a decision dilemma on which offer to accept and the price may not be the most important factor.

Sellers generally need the equity from the sale of their home to purchase another one but they also don’t want to have to temporarily move if they’re not able to get into the home they’re purchasing.  Flexible buyers have discovered the value in coordinating the sale and possession of the homes.

Sellers want to know when they make a decision on an offer, that the buyers will be able to perform as the contract is written.  The more contingencies that can be eliminated or minimized, the more comfortable a seller will feel about the certainty that it will close according to schedule.

The buyer should be pre-approved with all verifications and credit reports having been done.  Simply having a loan officer’s opinion is definitely not the same thing as a pre-approval.

There is a unique dynamic to every transaction because the parties are individuals with infinite priorities and values.  The art of the deal takes place when these unique variables are considered to define a mutually acceptable offer involving price, terms and conditions. The role and experience of the agents contribute to the successful outcome.

Mortgage Do’s and Don’ts

Debt Free Home.png0% financing has induced car buyers into taking the plunge because it doesn’t cost anything to use someone else’s money.  While mortgage rates are not at zero, they’re close enough that many buyers are applying similar logic.

Qualified mortgage interest is deductible on taxpayers’ returns subject to the maximum acquisition debt of one million dollars.  For the fortunate homeowners who have paid off their mortgage, their acquisition debt was reduced to zero and only the interest on a maximum home equity debt of $100,000 is deductible.

If you have to pay interest, deductible interest is preferable because it reduces your actual cost.

Consider the following example of a taxpayer with a $500,000 debt-free home.  If they did an 80% cash-out refinance of $400,000, $100,000 would be considered home equity debt and the interest on that would be deductible on their income tax.  The other $300,000 of debt is considered personal debt and the interest is not deductible.

However, because the rates are currently so low, the loss of deductibility of the interest doesn’t have as much impact as if the rates were higher.  The key is to have a good purpose for the money that would offset the actual cost of the interest.

Paying off a higher rate debt such as credit cards, student loans, possibly, business debt could all have significantly higher interest rates.  Refinancing a home and eliminating debts like these could be a big savings.

All lenders are not the same.  Call for a recommendation of a trusted mortgage professional.


Thursday Tech Talk





Growing Through Google


As we all know, Google owns the online world, and we just happen to live in it. As a result of this “ownership”, Google+ is a must. It should be at the top of the list of your online marketing strategy. Most of us have not paid much attention to it in the past and have looked at it as just another social media platform. However, Google+ offers us more than most social media sites can. It has the strengths to segment and target customers through circles, as well as lhosting hangouts, but also offers us search engine optimization. For those non-geeks, better search engine optimization allows you to appear higher on a google search results page! Isn’t that what we all need and want?

With many new changes made to Google and Google+, along with the SEO war going on, Google+ is offering us free tools to make our online presence even better. These tools are essential in order to act like an online business directory. For example, Google+ is offering free indexed business pages and custom maps.  This enables us to spend less on marketing and get better return on our investment. It is now wise to have a professional with knowledge of real estate marketing to set us up properly on Google+ in order to promote the best image possible for us. This is a very low cost investment with a high rate of return!